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Wild Prison brings a whole new level of OP Prison gameplay

Wild Prison brings a whole new level of OP Prison gameplay

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A Minecraft server is a multiplayer gaming server that is either owned by players or businesses. Server operators are in charge of Minecraft multiplayer servers, and they can serve instructions such as changing the time of day, summoning players, and going to change the world origin.

Because of its sandbox nature, the game of Minecraft appears to have an unlimited amount of adventures. In survival mode, you can hunt and attack monsters, or you can put on your designer’s cap and create a complete universe in creative mode. On the other hand, Minecraft does not have to be a solo hobby.

Thanks to Minecraft servers, you may play with people from all around the world in settings that are designed to seem like iconic fantasy landscapes or classic video games.

With so many different public Minecraft servers to choose from, it can be challenging to discover exactly what you’re looking for. There are numerous servers dedicated to Minecraft that have been developed by people, each with its own set of rules, gaming mechanisms, and community. Each server has its unique characteristics. Following are the best Minecraft servers:


Server IP Address: mineplex.com

Mineplex offers a variety of modes and gaming styles that are specifically built for use as a roleplaying game online game, and its detailing makes it one of the best Minecraft servers accessible.


Server IP Address: server.pixelmoncraft.com

You can guess it might be one of the Pokémon-themed servers from its name. Well, yes, you are right. This server is based on the pokemon theme, which has surprised Minecraft, and PixelmonCraft is only one of the numerous blocky tributes to the Nintendo peculiarity. This Minecraft server is a well-known server.


Server IP address:  mc.piratemc.com

Pirate ships aren’t the easiest mechanic to integrate into Minecraft, but Piratecraft does an outstanding way of incorporating pirates’ golden age to live in the blocky world. PirateCraft is also known as the best Minecraft server.

Wild Prison

Wild Prison brings a whole new level of OP Prison gameplay to life by giving its players access to the greatest custom features. Learn to use all of the available perks and systems to your advantage to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

You can unlock and use tokens, auto sale, upgradeable pickaxes, fortunate blocks, and many other features throughout your stay here, acquiring the best stuff and investigating all of the systems to gain prestige as quickly as possible and begin a new voyage.

Because competition is so vital, there are regular events in which everyone may participate, with the possibility of winning some fantastic prizes for demonstrating your abilities and finishing in the top spots. You’ll also discover periodic giveaways, where anyone may win free ranks and perks, making your time here even more enjoyable.

Join today and begin your adventure and explore the amazing community while meeting new people and establishing yourself for all.

What is the server IP for WildPrison?

The server IP address for WildPrison is play.wildprison.net.

How can you play Minecraft on the WildPrison server?

  • Open the launcher, then pick “Multiplayer” from the menu by clicking the “Play” button.
  • Click the “Add Server” tab, type play.wildprison.net in the “Server Address” box, and then click “Done.”
  • To play on WildPrison, click the “Join Server” button after the connection is available and appears green.

What version of WildPrison is supported by the server?

WildPrison supports Minecraft version 1.17, but you can connect and play on the server with any older or lower version.

Wrapping Up!

There are huge loads of Minecraft servers, each having unmistakable highlights and playing experience. Every server has its characteristics, and they are explicitly intended to give you unmistakable minigames where you want to rival different players or play collectively with your companions and associate too. Yet, observing a server that matches your necessity is a troublesome and tedious errand, and in this blog, we have tried our best to help you so you can use the best Minecraft server of your choice.

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